Recommendation letter are normally mandatory requirement to be submitted by almost all the applicants at Graduate , Post Graduate and Doctoral Level.  It play key role within a decision making process in the absence of good insight of the applicants by the recommenders, it is most likely  he/she would be rejected from the universities throughout the world.  Therefore strong and appropriate recommendation is very necessary by the right people makes or breaks an applicant.

Who Should recommend?

Recommendations could be made, depending upon the level of study.

1)    For enrollment at Undergraduate level- Lecturer who has taught the student in key subjects or specialization and has a good insight on the strength and weakness of the applicant.
2)    For admission at the Masters level- professor/teachers could provide their insight into the academic performance, co and extra- curricular activities of the applicant.Guides, who have supervised the students in their project work , will could a recommendation since that portray the practical implication and insight of the  subject knowledge of the applicants.
It is very essential to know not to seek recommendation from head of institution specially when your college have thousand of student.
In case of applicants who have work experience , it is best to seek at least one or two academic recommendations from the college/university and one from the immediate supervisors.
3)    For admission at the Doctoral level and beyond - Strong academic recommendations coupled with work-place supervisors form the key recommenders. More than for any level, doctoral applicants are heavily dependent on recommendations for admission.

What constitutes a 'good' recommendation?
•    Explains how recommender  know the student ?
•    Recommender should evaluates the student within your area of knowledge
•    Recommender should evaluates the student's academic capacity
•    Recommender should evaluates the student's motivation
•    Evaluates the student's maturity and psychological competence.
•    Discusses the student's strengths
•    Is detailed

Frequently Asked Question
Q.)Should I have recommendation letter with teacher, in which I secured good grades.?
Ans.) Choose carefully which teachers to ask for letters of recommendation. Ask teachers who know you well, not necessarily whose classes in which you performed the best. A class in which you excel could be the right teacher to ask, but a better indicator of your college potential may come from a subject or class where you struggled to do well and made an impression on the teacher with your persistence and motivation to improve. If you have formed a bond with a teacher, that teacher can write more knowledgeably about you than a teacher who barely knows you.