Management Team





Peshal Subedi (CEO)-with a vision to create the best job in the service industry

MBA- Strategy and Management in International Organizations

Linkoping University, Sweden









Abhishek Pokhrel (CFO)-with his rapid fire calculable ability to provide accurate solutions to the clients.

MBA- Finance

University of Wales









Pramod Sapkota (Director of International Affairs)-with his business and negotiable skills, be guaranteed that the relationship with international clients will be maintained efficiently.

MBA- International Business

University of Wales








Pranip Ratna Bajracharya (Chief-Operations & Logistics)-with his immense programming skills every package is custom designed for our clients.

MBA- Finance

Pokhara University (Apex College, Nepal)








Ramesh K. Rana (European College Relation Officer)

Master in Sociology and LLM from University of Tromso, Norway





Prakash Sapkota (European Student Consultation Officer)

Master in Sociology from University of Tromso, Norway





Anish Adhikari (Chief-Human Resource Manager)-with his inherent ability to connect with people, and work on the best interest of human capital, we will have a dedicated team of individuals to work for your best interest. 

MBA- Human Resources

Pune University, India





Pranab Singh Rathaur (Chief- Creative Development Officer)-with his artistic ability to create something out of nothing, the atmosphere to work will be full of liveliness.

MBA- International Business

University of Wales