Letter of Motivation


The motivation letter is a crucial part of your application. It gives you the chance to really let your personality shine through on your application. It should include the reasons why you think you should receive the scholarship, why you want to study at the particular university and course as well as details of any other relevant information. Different Universities may require different information in your motivation letter; they usually list details of what they need on their application pages.

How can we assist you in your motivational letter?


Prepare to write your Motivational letter yourself. Get as much feedback from friends, mentors etc. We expect you to revise and revise first. We at Bhawishya then will Proofread it (this includes checking spelling and grammar). Further we will tighten it, polish it by adding and subtracting words, phrases and sentences. Bhawishya offers evaluation services of motivational letter, as part of their packages. This service is offered by our experienced team (we call them Editors at Bhawishya), who make a detailed study of the background of the student, the university and the course.