Japan is a country with rich nature, diverse topography, and beautiful turns of the seasons. Modern Japanese culture and society consist of a diverse mix of the old and new, the East and West, and the natural and artificial.


The greatest appeal of studying in Japan is its academic environment where one can study state-of-the-art technology and acquire the knowledge that enabled Japan’s phenomenal postwar economic growth. Whether it is electronics, Japanese literature, medicine or international business administration, Japanese universities and other institutes of higher education can offer course studies or research programs of virtually any field.  Many institutions of higher education, such as universities and junior colleges, are well equipped with fine research, computer, and library facilities and enable students to carry out their research in an excellent environment. Many leading figures playing an active role in the world today have had experience studying in Japan.


The Japanese government has a scheme in place to hit a target of 300,000 foreign students a year by 2020, making it very keen to accept students from all over the globe. Therefore, a good way to start for Nepalese students would be intensive Japanese for an entire year of Japanese language classes at different Japanese language Academy.