India study abroad participants will be immersed in a fascinatingly diverse, large, and growing nation. India has a long and colorful history dating back to its first settlers along the Indus River. The country is most well known for, among other things, its lively, people-packed cities and famous landmarks. India exhibits a mixture of old traditions and new technologies – no where is this more apparent than the country’s push to grow its economy through research and development. India is one of the BRIC countries, which means that it, along with Russia, Brazil and China, has a rapidly growing economy and will have a larger role to play in the international political and financial arenas in the coming years.


India has many offerings for students interested in studying abroad. India has many strong fields when it comes to technology and the sciences. India study abroad programs in medicine, nuclear energy, engineering, biotechnology, and business are all excellent, as are programs in computer science and the like. You can participate in a program studying any one of India’s religions. It is also a great place to study sustainability, the environment, international affairs, and the green economy. Regional studies and history are also popular topics of study.