Helen Keller Library


Helen Keller Library at Bhawishya envisions future in which the library collection programs help ensure.

  • That every Bhawishya Student has an opportunity to enjoy an intellectually and culturally rich life
  • That every student at Bhawishya experiences the pleasure of reading and the joy of learning.
  • That students in need can find assistance and information with ease.
  • That helps students at Bhawishya have access to academic, intellectual and informational resources.

Named after renowned author Helen Keller at any given time, in Bhawishya’s library there are not less than 1,000 books of all sorts. Primarily, as our focus is on abroad study almost 60% of our books are for academic purposes such as IELTS, TOEFL-ibt, SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAE and PTE.


However, we at Bhawishya believe in creating a fully learning atmosphere. With this view, our collection of books and ebooks cover a wide range of topics including maths, science, arts and management. We can offer books of all sorts ranging from biography, autobiography, novels, motivational, training and development and even spiritual and philosophical books. Majority of the books can be borrowed by Bhawishya’s members and students. Bhawishya further believes in tailoring information according to your needs hence, students can enjoy full factual information from our daily subscription of newspapers such as The Himalayan Times, The Republica Daily ,The Kantipur Daily and weekly subscription of local magazines such as Himal, Nepal and many more. If you have difficulty in accessing knowledge, you can enjoy referencing dictionary and encyclopedia available at no cost.