Germany is Europe’s most populous country. Modern Germany has a distinct national character, and the country has produced some of the most recognizable intellectual and creative minds in history, from Karl Marx to the Brothers Grimm. Some of the world’s most influential and utilized technologies were the creations of German inventors – the printing press, the automobile, MP3s, and aspirin. In addition to its creative past, Germany is home to several cities with progressive cultures and diverse populations – Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. Modern architecture is intermingled with historic facades, and the grandeur and beauty of Bavarian landscapes will leave you in awe.


It goes without saying that Germany is the best place you can go to learn the German language. Germany is also a great choice for a variety of other programs and topics. Berlin is home to a variety of universities, colleges, and other educational institutions, and there are others spread around the country. Germany is a popular destination for students interested in engineering, and it is also a great choice for students interested in business, European studies, or politics in the European Union. Creative types may also enjoy Germany – you can study photography or design. There are also special programs on topics like medieval studies and German history. The Germany study abroad program options are limitless.