Attaining eligibility is an important first step in gaining admission to the university though eligibility alone will not assure admission to that university. Bhawishya uses standard techniques to know whether a student is eligible to pursue a particular course at a particular university. Further, all eligible applicants go through the next round of application process.


According to our experts counselor at Bhawishya eligibility has three aspects:

1.     Whether the student meets minimum requirements/criteria set by colleges/universities to apply.

2.     Whether the student is competitive enough to be selected to the particular course at the particular university.

3.     Whether the student is highly competitive to be selected and selected with scholarship too.


What does the Bhawishya team do to find your eligibility?

Let us elucidate this with an example. You come to Bhawishya and ask one of the counselors to pursue your master’s degree in Norway. Given this case, counselors at Bhawishya will immediately ask upon your previous academic qualification.

If you have a 3 years Bachelors degree (e.g. BBS from Tribhuvan University) you are not eligible to apply to Masters degree in Norway as all of the Norwegian Universities requires 4 years of your bachelor or 180 ECTS to be eligible as a Master student. However, we at Bhawishya will not simply say that you are not eligible to apply to Norwegian Universities. As all of our counselors at Bhawishya are ready to help you whatever may be the case. The probable suggestion from any of our counselors given the above case is that; if you are really interested to pursue your masters at Norway then enroll to a masters degree here in Nepal (e.g. MBS) complete your first year and then you are ready for Norway.

These standards, which are often called as criteria differs from countries to countries and universities to universities too. Further the academic requirement for undergraduate and graduate differs too. We at Bhawishya therefore would provide some tips on how to check your eligibility or if you want to use our service to find your eligibility come visit Bhawishya or send your queries at info@bhawishya.org.