Bhawishya Consultancy

Founded in 2014 and located in the heart of capital city-Kathmandu, Bhawishya is a consulting company specializing in education (abroad market) and career (local market) service. Nevertheless, Bhawishya Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (BCPL) offers wide spectrum of services for career counseling, personality development, and training and development too. Bhawishya is a sanskrit word that generally means future. The company’s name is deeply rooted to company’s philosophy of creating customer’s bright future. Future is usually uncertain, but we guarantee professional commitment for excellence and through the effort of our team of experts, we shall help to realize the dream of individuals. Opened by highly dedicated team of MBA graduates specialized in International Business, Finance, Human Resources, Strategy Management and Marketing, the company strives to build strong relationship between its employees and clients. We at Bhawishya believe in innovating services and therefore, encourage proactive thinking to offer customized solutions to our clients.