Austria study abroad programs will expose students to a variety of this country's "outstanding" culture. Austria is one of the world’s premier skiing regions, centered on Innsbruck in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Austria’s grandeur is not relegated to its mountains – from the regal architecture of the Vienna Opera House in the country’s capital that is reminiscent of the powerful Hapsburg family to the contemporary architecture found around the country, Austria is a an architecturally well-appointed country. It is also a center for the arts, having produced some of the world’s most notable artists, and the country is home to a growing number of museums and galleries.


Austria is an excellent study abroad choice for students with an interest in the German language. Language-based and language-intensive programs are available that will maximize your language improvement, and being immersed in Austrian culture will further your language skills. For those interested in an academic experience with a stronger focus on your area of interest, there are a variety of programs available for students, though many are in the German language. However, Austria study abroad programs can provide a well-rounded experience for students in many different fields. Programs range from physical and life sciences to anthropology, sociology, and history. There are also programs in topics like business and marketing.


International Programmes at Austrian are programmes taught in languages other than German (mostly English), joint degree programmes and double degree programmes as well as Erasmus Mundus programmes, programmes based on specific international agreements (e.g. Cotutelle – binational conferrals of doctoral degrees)


For programmes taught in English as a rule proof of knowledge of German is not required. For all other programmes at Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences (also those with language of instruction “English and German”) knowledge of German is required.