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Founded in 2014 and located in the heart of capital city-Kathmandu, Bhawishya is a consulting company specializing in education (abroad market) and career (local market) service. Nevertheless, Bhawishya Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (BCPL) offers wide spectrum of services for career counseling, personality development, and training and development too. Bhawishya is a sanskrit word that generally means future. The company’s name is deeply rooted to company’s philosophy of creating customer’s bright future. Future is usually uncertain, but we guarantee professional commitment for excellence and through the effort of our team of experts, we shall help to realize the dream of individuals. Opened by highly dedicated team of MBA graduates specialized in International Business, Finance, Human Resources, Strategy Management and Marketing, the company strives to build strong relationship between its employees and clients. We at Bhawishya believe in innovating services and therefore, encourage proactive thinking to offer customized solutions to our clients.

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Abroad Study
Myth Vs Fact

MYTH #1  You need a GMAT score of 700+ to be a competitive applicant.

FACT #1  GMAT scores range from 200 to 800. Only seven percent of all GMAT takers score 700 or higher. Two–thirds of test takers score between 400 and 600. 



MYTH #2  The capital of Australia is Sydney

FACT #2  Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory, is Australia's capital city.



MYTH #3  My grades  aren't good enough for me to qualify for financial aid.

FACT #3  There are merit-based financial aid programs, for which maintaining good grades is a prerequisite, and but there are also need-based financial aid programs. For many federal grant and loan programs, test scores and grades are not initially considered.


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“I have little knowledge of this company from inside. But I was truly mesmerized looking at Bhawishya from outside. What fascinated me was the use of colors. You could see the combination of pink and purple everywhere in the core of the company from sofas, tables, chairs, walls, board and almost with everything. Actually it is not about colors but how they have used it even in the smallest of things”.  Lion Yukta Prasad Shrestha, MJF District Governor (District 325 B1, Nepal)


“I came to Bhawishya to gain a rough idea on US education and one of the counselors at Bhawishya provided me with tons of information on it. I feel safe and confident now that the counselors at Bhawishya will handle my case very diligently”. Binod Rijal (Applicant for US Universities)


“More than anything the counselors at Bhawishya are really professional. First they would attend you, then suggest you and then give total dedication to your case. I would like to strongly recommend every student to personally meet counselors at Bhawishya for abroad services”.  Damodhar Karki (Applicant for Japanese Language Academy) 


'I believe that Bhawishya Consulting draws its aptitude from performance improvement consulting and market research. They delivered consistent senior-level counselling throughout the duration of our engagement. To sum it up, I believe that this firm consists of the individuals that trust in old fashioned hard work, active listening, and keen focus to the client's needs and has resulted in consistently satisfied clients. best wishes for their bright future". Yunisha Bajracharya (Applicant for UK Universities)